Investment Strategy

At Besyata, we invest in multifamily and retail assets with compelling growth potential and increase the value of properties through strategic development/redevelopment, repositioning, and robust asset management.

Investment Selection

We evaluate properties based on asset type, location, investment merits, cash flow integrity, and risk profile, and only proceed if the deal meets all acquisition criteria. Our excellent reputation and wide industry network result in a steady deal flow of off-market investment opportunities.


We identify properties that offer compelling organic growth potential after the strategic transformation of amenities and “next tier” upgrades to the living quarters. We incorporate a thorough analysis of our competition into our engagement plan and study the target submarket diligently prior to acquisition.


In our retail assets, we look for favorable lease spreads and maturities, solid anchor performers, and creditworthy tenants. We develop optimal strategies to maximize property revenue through tenant mix improvements, expansion of service-oriented users, outparcel developments, as well as other creative enhancements.

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